Templates for employment contracts need to be updated

In recent days, many different labor law rules have entered into force, but several will not be applied until 1 October 2022. Here we especially want to flag in particular for the new rules that apply to employment contracts signed from 29 June 2022.

The new rules in LAS (based on EU rules) deal with the employer's obligation to provide more information to the employee in connection with the employee taking up his or her employment. This is not really new, similar rules already exist in LAS. But now there is significantly more written information that employers must provide to all new employees, including company managers. For employers who are bound by collective agreements, special rules may also apply.

Our recommendation is that all necessary information is stated in the employment contract. Templates for employment contracts need to be updated, which we have already helped many clients with. You are welcome to contact our employment law expert lawyer Fredrika Skoog on telephone number +46 840 91 12 or via e-mail if you have any questions about the new rules, want help reviewing your templates for employment contracts or want other employment law advice.

This article contains a general description of the new working conditions rules and should not be used as a basis for action in the specific case where each situation is unique. Our recommendation is that in each specific case, seek legal advice on appropriate action.